3 Very Scary Ouija Board Stories

You have probably heard stories about the notorious and infamous Ouija board, a board that is considered to be something that is crafted by those that want to connect with the devil. At the very least, by using this board, it allows people to connect with spirits on the other side, and according to most of the stories, the spirits are not happy. There are horrifying stories that people have shared about experience they have had, especially teenage girls that have used the Ouija board at night. Here are some of the scariest Ouija Board stories that you will ever hear, ones that will make you think twice before ever using one again. Please really do consult a psychic or your spiritual teacher before proceeding anyways…

Ouija Board From Hell

ouija1There was a story back in 1962, three girls having a slumber party in a small town in the state of New Jersey. They couldn’t sleep, talking late at night, and decided to break out a Ouija board, though they were apprehensive about using one, one of the girls had brought one just to have fun. They had heard stories about how scary they could be, and giggling, they took it out and started to play. Using the planchette, they started to feel it get warm under their hands, each time that they took a turn. Finally one of the girls felt it move all by itself, moving to for specific letters that spelled the word hell. At that moment, the planchette became extremely hot, a burst of wind caused their hair to blowback, a warm when which was absent open windows. They shrieked in terror as a voice seemed to come from the board, laughing from deep within. They dove under their covers, kicking the board, and throwing the planchette against the wall, causing it to shatter. The slow mumble of laughter began to subside, and once it was gone, the new they would never take out a Ouija board again.

Floating Ouija Boards

In 1985, a group of teenagers decided to break out a Ouija board, during a hot summer night in Mesa Arizona. The windows were open, but despite the breeze that blew through the house, it was still unbearably warm. Holding the planchette, one of the girls started to notice it was moving by itself. It only pointed to one particular number over and over again, in intervals of three. The number was 666. Panicked, the girl tried to let go of the planchette, but to her dismay her hand could not release it as a continued to point over and over again to that one number. Suddenly, a burst of cold air blew into the dining room where they were all seated, so strong it caused the Ouija board to lift up. Although the girl was able to let go of the planchette, both the Ouija board and the planchette were hovering in the air. They remained steady, about one foot off of the table, seemingly undisturbed by the cold blowing wind. Both the guys and the girls nearly fell out of their chairs, scrambling to run away. Wind from all sides of the home made a crashing sound outside, and all of the doors crashed closed, and despite their best efforts, they could go nowhere. As suddenly as it had begun, the wind stopped abruptly, the Ouija board and the planchette fell to the table, and all of the doors opened ever so slightly. Staring at each other, one of them ran to the Ouija board and planchette, threw them in the trash, through the trash bag outside, and locked all the doors.

Eyes Of Death

One final story that may be more terrifying than the previous two is what happened to a young boy and girl in Northern California. In this mountainous area, in June of 1956, they were staying in a local cabin. It was early morning, the sun was rising, over the forest of Ponderosa pines and Doug firs. They were up early, having been awoken by a sound out in the living room. Their older brother had brought some friends the night before, all of which were crashed asleep on couches and in sleeping bags. Their parents were in the bedroom, the door shut, the entire house absolutely quiet. The noise that they heard was a scratching sound, one that caught their attention in the deep quiet. They walked into the living room and saw a Ouija board. Although the sound was extremely loud, no one else seemed to notice. They saw the planchette on the game board scratching the surface, going back and forth. Looking at each other, they move closer, holding hands as they approached. When they looked down, they could see that the planchette had seemingly etched a dark hole in the Ouija board, and they closely took another look. Peering into the depths of the darkness, they saw what appeared to be eyes looking back. Eyes that looked like a cat, more than a human, smoldering with a yellow luminescence. Shrieking, they both ran for their parents room, knocking on the door. All of the teenagers on the floor in the living room woke up to see what was wrong. When their parents came out, they looked in horror at what they saw behind them, standing on the coffee table. An apparition with yellow eyes had come out of the Ouija board, and with the glint of fiery teeth, and with a poof of smoke, the apparition vanished.

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